👨‍💻 Projects

If you’d like to see my product design portfolio please contact me.

Successful past & present projects

Web-Crunch.com – I started this blog about 8 years ago. Been trying to grow it ever since. It plus a YouTube channel has grown the audience more than I ever thought was possible for someone like me.

Hello Rails – A course that was born out of blogging and screencasting about the Ruby on Rails framework. I saw a need for those new to the framework to have a more approachable course. It’s done about $40k to this date.

LUXD: Learn User Experience Design – My second book and digital product following the stairstep approach. It sold a decent amount of copies which were my first internet dollars made. A cool milestone.

pro tumblr theming – My first free digital product. I was building custom tumblr themes for bands I was in and our friends at the time. I took what I learned and made a guide on how to build a theme from scratch. From this book I made a repo on Github that got a lot of stars as a starting point for a basic tumblr theme.

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