💡 Ideas

Some stuff that comes to mind while I brainstorm (usually on long ass walks)

💡 Productized product design - Fully async saas-based product design

💡 Producthunt for content “Contenthunt” - Top articles and buzz around the web per industry.

💡 Simple email capture API similar to Netlify forms but unbundled.

💡 Testosterone grader utility. Grade your symptoms and get help with sponsored hormone clinics.

💡 Direct booking tools for Airbnb hosts (I am one).

💡 A newsletter and app aimed at helping people find and aquire short-term rental properties that actually make money.

💡 Private community/network/store for Airbnb hosts to get deals on common products/services they need.

💡 More tools and courses for the Ruby on Rails community.

💡 A job board that only features companies who share salary ranges.

💡 Fitness coach website builder with subscription model built in.

💡 Product design newsletter

💡 A designer index. Search for and hire designers.

💡 Something to help folks home school more easily.

💡 Headless newsletter platform - API and CLI driven. Bring your own templates and content. Market to developers/techie folk.

💡 Job board for popular creators who need help

💡 Zillow for short-term rental properties

💡 Work camper job board - People that live in and manage other peoples property

💡 Testosterone clinic recommendation engine

💡 Note to self app - Message yourself stuff you will forget if you don’t. A daily digest gets sent to remind you.

💡 Couples note app - Write a daily letter to your busy spouse or partner

💡 Redesign and submit a pull request for the design of guides.rubyonrails.org + add search

Boring businesses

🚙 Car washes - I’m currently underwriting a local car wash

🏡 Real estate