I write down the following affirmation every day:

“I will be worth 10 million by the age of 45 and will work, invest, and partner with others to reach this goal”

Sometimes, as Napolean Hill suggests in the book “Think and Grow Rich”, I will read the same passage aloud. Hill recommended saying it aloud at least twice a day to help set you on the path towards achieving what you desire.

After reading the book the biggest takeaway I have is to have the proper mindset when it comes to working towards something you desire.

Let me expand more on why that is the case.

Throughout my life, I’ve had poor self-esteem and was often very critical of pretty much anything related to myself. Someone could praise me and my reaction is to brush it off and not accept such praise. I don’t know why I’m like this but it just comes naturally. I have never liked special treatment or being a focus of attention no matter the situation.

My appearance, health, personal life, professional life, and finances all took a hit by my poor mindset. Never was I good enough or in a good enough state. Being content was never possible.

Up until recently, I finally started to see the errors in my ways and what most people fall trap. We are very hard on ourselves as a species. Being that way locks a metaphoric chastity belt on our goals and dreams which keeps us in the mindset of never being good enough. Because we belittle ourselves we get taken advantage of by big corporations, the government, and more as a result. Fuck that.

Too many people let fear, anxiety, and greed drive decisions in life. If you can omit those factors from the equation of decisions you make and truly focus on the outcome you are more inclined to get where it is you are going. Even if you fail, it’s not going to be the end.

To me, failure is how you learn. So if you never fail, you never learn. Learning is one of my favorite things about life and through a proper mindset anything is possible.

Pursuing goals and chasing wild dreams are for the thick-skinned people who won’t let failure get in the way. Some might call these people entrepreneurs, investors, inventors, and outliers.

Ultimately, money isn’t the main goal but freedom and time spent where and when we desire.

Right now I work full-time. It provides some sense of security but on the side, I’m making investments and taking chances most would call way too risky. In reality working full-time as an employee is being a part of the class of people that get hit hardest with taxes, inflation, and other expenses meant to keep our economy from busting. We get used by the ultra-wealthy and the government to keep the lights on in a matter of speak. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to fall into that class forever.

Going back to affirmations, if didn’t reaffirm my goals and how I plan to achieve them every day I would lose time trying to get where I want to be. I wouldn’t be focused on my primary goal and might lose sight of it in tougher decision-making situations.

Affirmations, mindset, and health are the top most important factors in achieving long-standing goals faster than ever possible.

In about 5 years or less, I hope I can modify that passage quoted above to be a larger amount by the age I mentioned. That would be so wild but thrilling, to say the least.

Again it’s not about the money. It’s about options and choice. I want to choose if I go to work. I want to choose when and where I can travel. I want to choose my destiny.