Fall in love with being wrong

Failure is no stranger to my day-to-day way of life. In the software space I’ve tried and failed so many times I lost count.

The funny thing about failing is that you learn more and more each time you do it. So instead of calling it a “failure” I refer to it as a “learning exercise”.

If you learn to let go of the negative feelings tied to failure you’re almost guaranteed some sort of success. It may not present itself immediately but in time you might reflect and think highly of the time spent trying to achieve success.

People who go straight to despair with each failure aren’t learning as best as they can.

This process may create stress, anxiety, worry, and fear each time you don’t make progress.

In time I’ve learned to let go of these negative feelings. The more you’re exposed to failure the more conditioned you are to make bolder bets in the future without fear. I think this is important to learn for any entrepreneur.

When in doubt. Just try.

You’re going to learn something even if you don’t succeed.