Off-grid dreams

As each day goes by I’m reminded of how fast-paced the world around me is. The more I’m exposed to it the more I don’t like what I see.

In the town I reside, the population is at an all-time high. Pollution, buildings, businesses, and more are being contributed because of this which of course removes natural components of the society around us. It’s quite grim.

Growing up I lived in a smaller town in the midwest that was slowly growing. We didn’t live off the grid but we did live in an area where the hustle and bustle never made much of an appearance. The vibe you’d get was often laid back which suited me well.

My family’s property was about 3 acres of land with wooded sections and a creek near a state park. Most of my time was spent outside enjoying those aspects. I can still visualize the time I’d spend in the backyard just living free. I enjoyed being in the woods and exploring nature.

That sense of freedom and peace has stuck with me into my thirties. No, where I have lived in the past decade seems to give me that feeling anymore. This is primarily due to wanting to stay closer to multiple family members but also due to the pace at which cities I reside are growing.

I can choose to move to more rural locations but then I risk decent healthcare, schooling, and commuting.

Interestingly enough those components are starting to become less of an issue as I grow older and technology starts to expand on new horizons (like healthcare/school now being offered virtually).

It has me considering moving further off the beaten path.

This desire lead to some recent research about off-grid living. There are many perks to it but plenty of cons as well.

My goal isn’t to remove myself and my family from the modern world but I often think a hybrid off-grid/on-grid lifestyle would suit me.

Having a natural water source, energy source, and multiple food sources sounds like a lower-risk solution than we have today.

If you consider where you live you probably depend on a lot of things that we take for granted.

Clean water, electricity, gas, heat/cooling, dependable shelter, and more. All those things are often a dependency you contract others to provide. This is risky since if any of those sources were to be removed you’re suddenly exposed and life gets hard fast.

All in all, finding a way to have that feeling again I had in my childhood is a new goal for me. It won’t come easy and I know I have to be patient. For now, I think doing some planning and brainstorming about just what it is my family and I desire about moving further out would be a good exercise.

Questions to consider: