Enjoying those breakthroughs

Last night I had a rare opportunity to work late into the evening. The kids were in bed. I had the energy to dig deeper into a new project.

Reflecting on that time now, I realize I get very passionate about a project if I am excited to work on it at any point in a given day.

Even during working hours, the ideas keep flowing. I often jot down questions in need of answers or ideas for ways to perfect a given feature.

Celebrate small wins

There’s a point with new projects where you’re still in discovery mode.

I broke ground knowing I wanted to build something new but had no map or path to follow.

It feels like laying tracks on a railroad while an engine waits patiently behind to inch forward.

Sometimes I hit a hurdle. The train won’t budge. Other times, like last night, I reach a milestone that feels like a breakthrough. Celebrating those small wins and having that excitement is what keeps me building.

Even if no one cares or uses whatever I build, I can look back and know I didn’t just say I was going to do something. I executed. That’s often the hard part of doing anything worthwhile.