A lot of entrepreneurs work for a certain sense of freedom. We slave away to reach arbitrary goals we lay before ourselves to become more self-sufficient.

Entrepreneurs are a different breed. They seek to go against the grain.

Entrepreneurs often want more than the status quo provided by a typical employer. Their thoughts and views are typically selfish but with good intent. Seeking to earn their wealth as opposed to benefiting someone else’s is an honorable goal.

After consuming a lot of podcasts, Twitter threads, blog posts, books, and video content, I narrowed it down to freedoms I repeatedly saw out in the wild.

Of these freedoms, I used to think financial was king. Money can give you a lot of freedom. More money often correlates to more problems. Having capital means you either need to be careful where you put it or be smart enough to reinvest it to continue to work for you in years to come. Most who come into money lack the financial knowledge of how to do these things and that often yields dissatisfactory lifestyles.

Time freedom is my new goal. I have it to some extent, but factor in a full-time job and a young family, and my time is nearly inexistent for anything new.

Sure, having more money can buy you time, but having time often means you’re free to do what you want and when without the burden of too many costs.

You can’t have too much time without first freeing yourself of time. This means time is more of a compounded freedom that requires capital and flex of personal life.

Working remotely gives me more time to tinker on the side outside of working full-time. That extra time is fantastic for me as it’s both an outlet, creatively and mentally.

I’ll keep this list in mind for some time to come. My views may change again but I think time freedom reigns supreme here. Too much of anything isn’t great but having fewer obligations and responsibilities that normally fill those time gaps sounds very appealing and a good personal goal I’d love to achieve one day.