Boredom brings innovation

If you eliminate distractions, technology, and people you are left with little to do. This is what I’d call being bored.

Being bored is a true test. This state of being gives you time to think, meditate, and sit with yourself. When you aren’t actively seeking this state it becomes painful on our patience and demanor.

This period is hard since we are used to being over stimulated.

In a world where we have access to almost any information in a few taps on a screen it’s no wonder many of us can’t take being bored for too long.

Creative resets

I find bouts of boredom are good for creativity. Taking a step back and removing myself from the day-to-day gives my mind a break. This helps me take on new tasks with an open mind rather than dragging through them.

Instead of focusing energy and attention on something I’m left with ample energy in a space that doesn’t require it.

Some might call this a state of insanity while others might called it an incubator of new ideas. I’ve experienced both.

When I’m bored I lack patience but understand what it takes to remain content. I’ll tend to think of fond memories, ways to grow as a professional, new adventures I’d like to try, and more.

Through these thoughts I tend to attach myself to something that stands out and work out a way to put more focus on it. This could be anything from relationships to earning more money.

Introducing chunks of time to give your brain a rest is the true underlining benefit. Instead of running laps with your mind you get to sit on the bench for a bit while the world does its thing. That seems quite healthy and something I want to enjoy more.

Boredom has the wrong stigma.