Pick a Fight

When it comes to marketing a tactic I’ve seen work well is picking a fight in public.

Many who take this stance ask for kick back from people who might not agree. That risk is likely more worth the reward as it represents a decision being made.

The direct intent of taking a side on a topic or opinion creates a bold stigma to one’s audience. That’s extremely powerful when it comes to time and the nature of compounding.

The more you practice what you preach and commit to the principles and values you believe in the more you getting backing from a select few who agree with your stance.

In the SaaS space I can’t help but think of the founders of Basecamp Jason Fried and DHH.

Both founders write often and write well. They take stances on the ideas and the values they believe in. Over time it earned them a cult following.

By being direct and picking fights Jason and David created a new movement that enabled other aspiring founders to take the plunge.

Picking a fight is controversial to some. The funny thing is if you don’t do something outlandish these days you can’t get the attention you want or need. Taking things up a notch and going against the grain attracts new opportunities. It also attracts new hate. It’s a double-edged sword but one that works.

Putting this to practice I would adhere to a few principles: